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Giant Media UK- The Premier GIANT Building Wrap Company…………we have BIG ideas… and GIANT Solutions!.

Giant Media have sole exclusivity with a number of high profile buildings  both UK and abroad.  We offer a number of commercial advertising site opportunities for your clients to advertise in prime spot locations in major cities and towns through out the EU.   

As one of the fastest growing advertising mediums in the country, Giant building banners can support your clients brand position and strengthen their advertising message, helping to increase brand awareness and market their products directly to the consumer. They capture the attention to promote your clients business, product, or event on a Giant scale.  

Giant building banners communicate to an ever widening audience generating greater awareness than more conventional outdoor advertising mediums, delivering ‘your clients’ a constant advertising message 24 hours a day.  

Statistical data:

· 65% of the population view billboards
· 30 million saw a billboard last week!*
· 70% of ABC1s and 65% of chief income earners   see posters at the road side*
· Billboards increase credibility
· Industry proven track record of success
· Billboards build brands
· Increase sales through awareness
· Informs, memorable and entertaining
· Targets mass and niche markets
· Consumers rate hoarding’s next to TV

By investing in Giant Media UK Ltd and “Giant building banners” we will enable your clients to dominate the city sky lines and become a Giant part of the urban landscape.

In planning for future client campaigns or to receive our monthly mailing list for up and coming venues and media rates, then please e-mail us at: 

Giant Media UK Ltd, 58 Chapletown Rd, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1YF.
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