About Building Banners – What Are They & Types of Banners.



Forty thousand-some-odd years ago, a brave Neanderthal mixed dirt, plants, and animal blood together and drew something on a rock. With this, outdoor graphic communications were born and the world was forever changed. Ever since then people have made their mark, shared ideas, and influenced the masses. With it, each generation has advanced these communications up to today’s cutting edge digital imaging technology.


What Are They

Defined as an outdoor graphic/message designed to encompass a building or structure.

Engineered & installed for historical partners, Birmingham. 

They are a large-format digitally printed and welded PVC weave mesh.

This material allows light and winds to safely pass through the banner when situated on to a scaffold. This also aids in the banner being able to retain its flat surface shape thus conveying the message or image as intended.  They are usually fitted by fixing the banner to scaffolding using additional frameworks and anchoring systems.

All of our banners are finished and installed using reinforced eyelets and hems so they can withstand even the strongest of winds as welling as being fire resistant and are printed using UV, fade, and scratch-resistant inks for greater durability and longevity.

We engineered & installed this banner in a high windfall location on The Strand – Liverpool.

Building banners are a highly effective marketing tool most commonly used in large cities situated with a focus on high traffic/footfall locations.

Building banners really are an ultra mammoth outdoor advertising medium that can create a positive and ground-breaking impact. They are a highly versatile medium that can easily capture the attention of all insight.

Site engineered & installed for BlowUp Media, Manchester. 

Scaffolding advertising banners also have benefits far beyond generating sales for the companies using them to advertise their products.

Other build banner benefits:

Wrapping a scaffolding with a printed advert banner will also;

  • Reduce noise & dust pollution coming from within the site.
  • Reduce the visual impact the site has on passers-by & local residents.
  • Protection from the elements for exposed areas behind the banner.
  • Banners provide privacy & build excitement for what’s to come.


Types of Banners

Agency Banners:

Call them building banners, wraps, building graphics, or giant media banners, these vinyl/mesh pictures, hung together on a building, have created a new marketing option.

How bigger can you go than advertising on city center buildings? Wrap it and they will see it. It cannot be ignored!

The sheer impact a building wrap makes alone is extraordinary. Wraps do not need to cover the whole building, but many you will see cover a large part. These graphics, depending on the size and location may be seen for great distances.

This is why big brands and outdoor media agencies love to utilise this medium for high impact marketing.

We created this site for a Santander “Together” Campaign which dominated the city skyline. 

People may think that a building banner wrap will look out of place, graphics rather than bricks, but artistically wrapped the results are amazing. Simple graphics also work in a less is more avenue of advertising. Striking letters and simplicity means that the viewer can glance at the image and know instantly what it is about.

A site we created for our partners, Edinburgh. 

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Impression Banners:

Building banner wraps are not always used for advertising, they can obscure building sites, buildings under-going work, sometimes including a sneak preview of what will be unveiled. Some building wraps are even used while refurbishment of an older building is being undertaken, to make it a more pleasurable image for the viewer.

An impression building wrap installed for a client, Manchester.  

One example of this was Doncaster Mansion House. While the exterior refurbishment took place a print of the original building was made to wrap the building, mimicking the building so that pictures could be taken, satisfying visitors to the area.

As featured on the BBC, Hairy Builder. We created and installed this 1:1 impression banner. 

Construction Banners:

Branded developer construction banners are used instead of mono flex these days to self promote the developer for future tenders and to market the site its self. They give a professional look and feel to the development, hiding unsightly works to passers-by as well as conveying information to the local community.

A client brand developer banners, Manchester.

Installing a client banner for a developer of a converted mill, Lancashire.

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Landlord Revenue Banners:

Our expertise is in working with building owners, landowners, management comities, site developers, and scaffolding contractors to generate brand commercial advertising revenues.
One phone call to us could make the difference in receiving a site finder’s fee, paying part of your mortgage off, or covering your monthly site rates whilst under development!

This developer took advantage of our services whilst developing a site in Manchester. Working with our partners we generated revenues from the placement of brand commercial advertising banner campaigns on the site.

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Project Quotes

For further information on our Giant Building Banner Graphics or services which can aid in the refurbishment costs, marketing of your development or by visually covering  and enhancing your site, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact: 07970 686 265 or info@buildingbanners.co.uk