Landlord Revenues – Commercial Brand Advertising Banner Income Streams


Building Banner Revenues

Calling all; Scaffolding Contractors, Building Developers, Land Lords, Management Committees, and Marketing Directors!

There are a number of ways we can help industry businesses to generate revenues from our services.

Giant Media is looking for new building banner sites in the following city centre locations:

London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh, & Glasgow.

Scaffolding & Construction Contractors

Every scaffolding site in the UK must by law be wrapped to avoid accidents involving site workers and the passing general public.

As competition is tough given the current market climate, we at Building Banners Ltd feel that we can offer your business a great alliance in being able to help you beat off rival scaffolding contractors and win new business.

For example, If you were quoting to a potential client, you could explain to the developer, building owner or management company, etc or give them our literature, that your scaffolding company is partnered with an established outdoor advertising company “Building Banners Ltd”. Who could potentially earn them a revenue stream each month if we were able to feature commercial brand advertising banners onto their building which you would be supplying the scaffolding for?

Hence offering your client the addition of not only your scaffolding services but also in earning a potential revenue each month they have your scaffolding up on their building, benefiting your client in being able to pay towards their development, mortgage, & general site fees.

We can also include a banner at a cost that could advertise your business or your clients in times of commercial brand advertising voidance!

Pictured below is for a site we generated that allowed the client to advertise their own banners on to their building development along with their contractors. We were also able to generate a revenue stream for the client via commercial brand advertisers from our partners. A WIN-WIN for all parties!

Benefits to you the Scaffolding / Construction contractor:

  • We pay you a site finder’s fee. (Subject to contract)
  • You as the scaffolding or construction contractor are able to offer a unique service to your potential client in order to win their business.
  • The scaffolding contractor usually ends up having longer-term contract rentals hence generating further revenue for your business due to the service that we provide for your client.

Scaffolding companies who have booked jobs in advance for larger-scale developments are of most interest to us and we pay top money for site finder’s fees!.

Local Authorities & Building Management Agencies

Colleges, Councils, and Universities have many buildings with large blank fascia walls. These walls can easily be turned into the next Building Banner Poster site, and in return, they can receive a healthy revenue stream from Building Banners Ltd for the exhibition of commercial brand advertisers. With our in house sales agency and trusted commercial partners we can, therefore, make sure that the appropriate advertiser is always suitable for your building/structure.

Pictured below is a facia to the back of Sheffield’s Library that looks directly onto an arterial ring round through Sheffield. This is a perfect example for a local authority building to not only utilise our expertise to convey information to its City but also to generate a revenue stream from pre-approved commercial brand advertisers.

Why not use our service to promote yourself!, Open days, events, new college courses etc. You find us the wall space and we’ll make it happen for you.

Landlords, Building Owners & Developers

Need additional income? Or looking to offset renovation costs? Then call us now as we could place suitable advertisers to your building/structure!


Building Banners Ltd will be happy to site survey and discuss the opportunity with you of a potential site on a free no-obligation basis.

Subject to the contract we also provide additional method statements, health & safety compliance, risk assessments, and comply with local planning authorities before the installation of any Giant wrap banner. We take our responsibility and your reputation very seriously and the safe undertaking of all on-site activities is a fundamental part of our service.



If you’re a building owner, manager, housing landlord, scaffolding contractor or know of a property or a forthcoming building development that you believe could become the next building wrap site then contact us now to find out if it has income potential.

*Remember one phone call could make the difference between receiving a site finder’s fee, paying part of your mortgage off, or covering your monthly site rates whilst under development!

Building Banners Ltd: 07970 686 265 or