Manchester Building Banner Advertising Site

Working with our clients Noma & Russell’s Construction, Giant Media combined with our partners help to alleviate site costs via the placement of large format commercial building banners.

The image above and the video below shows just one of those building banners being installed on site.

Located right out side one of the busy entrances and exits to Manchester’s Victoria train station, the banner was situated in a high foot fall area, that combined with a tram commuter network passing the site and busy main road made this site Hanover House an ideal commercial building banner site.

If you are a landlord, building agent or management comity looking to alleviate site costs then one phone all to Giant Media could help you to generate potential revenues to cover those costs by the placement and sale of large format building banner advertisements.

For more information please visit

Giant Media UK Ltd, 58 Chapletown Road, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1YF.
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